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1000 yard Benchrest, also known as precision shooting, is shot from a bench. High performance scoped target rifles are used and mainly custom made. In competition two classes are used, known as Light Gun and Heavy Gun. The difference is that the Light Gun class has limitations to the weight of the rifle and the Heavy Gun class not.

Canberra Rifle Club shoots 1000yds Benchrest regularly and is looking to grow the 600yds competition.

We are also investigating 22LR Benchrest.

If Benchrest is your 'sport' then please reach out to us so that we can get you shooting this great discipline


  • Equipment - telescopic sighted rifles of less than 40 calibre, supported by a rear and front sandbag.

  • Shot from Benches.

  • Distance & Participation - shot at 1000 & 600 yards while sitting at a bench to be enjoyed recreational and competitive at club, state and (inter)national level.

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