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Field & Rimfire is a type of shooting for short to mid-range distances using multiple shooting positions. Rimfire Class is typically shot from 25 up to 50 metre, while Field Class is up to 300 metres.

The calibre used defines the Class, Rimfire is limited to calibers up to .22 and Field Class is open up to 8mm to cover the longer distance.


Both disciplines are shooting from multiple positions (Standing / Kneeling / Sitting / Prone (laying down)) at a specific range and using either Rimfire or Centrefire firearms based on the Class. These firearms types are defined by the position where the firing-pin strikes the back of the cartridge.

It is an outdoor sport and mainly enjoyed recreationally with club competitions in a casual and family friendly environment. Suited for those who intend participating in recreational hunting.


  • Rimfire & Centrefire Rifles - commercially 'off the shelf' rifles where any sighting system may be used.

  • Rifle Supported by the Shooter or by Equipment - a sling or bipod can be used, though gloves and specially constructed shooting jackets are not permitted.

  • Shot over short to mid range distances - from 25 up to a 300 yards/metres while shooting in the laying, standing, sitting and kneeling positions.

  • Calibres used - Rimfire Class is using up to a .22 calibre where Field Class can be up to an 8mm calibre

  • Participation - can be enjoyed casual as a recreational sport with club level competitions

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