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FClass target shooting is performed at the longer ranges from 300 up to a 1000 yards/metres in prone position, using scoped rifles. This sport is divided in three different categories, also known as FStandard, FOpen and FTR. Each of these categories has their own criteria of various calibres, weights and equipment specifications that effect the precision of the shot. What they have in common is that single rounds are loaded at a time.

FStandard is using .308 or .223 calibre rifles that can be held by a bipod or stand with a sandbag rest for support. It was developed in Australia in the 1990s to assist aging shooters transition from Target Rifle to scoped rifle shooting on rests. Now, the discipline attracts shooters of all backgrounds and levels of experience.

FTR and FOpen are very similar to FStandard, though FTR is using the same rifles but has no specifications on the projectile (bullet) weight, and Fopen can use a wider range of calibre (up to 8mm) . This means that FOpen and FTR provide greater potential accuracy, using projectiles that are less affected by wind.


  • Telescopic sights - using a scope for target sight improvement.

  • Rifle supported by equipment - a bipod or front rest can be used and a sand bag at the rear

  • Shot over 300 to 1000 yards/meters - covering one or multiple distances during a competition shoot that can be organised over multiple days.

  • Different calibres per F Class category - FStandard and FTR using .308 Win, .223 Rem calibres and F Open up to 8mm calibres.

  • Participation - can be enjoyed recreational and competitive at club, state, national and level shooting side by side with the Target Rifle discipline

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