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Target RIFLE

Target rifle (TR) is shot at the longer ranges from a distance of 300 up to 1000 yards/metres. It is known as the fundamental to competitive Fullbore shooting throughout the world. This type of shooting dates to the 1860s when it was used for training civilian militia and is now known for its equality for all competitors. 

It is shot with the bare eye or using prescription lenses. Scopes are not used in this discipline. Shooters wear a jacket with a sling connected to the rifle, for support while in the prone position. Rifles are loaded one shot at a time and fired on either paper or electronic targets. The rifles used are .308 or .223 (calibre) which reflects the size of the ammunition.


When starting out, a coach will instruct you with adjusting the rifle’s sights, as weather conditions like wind reading come into play. One of the most famous competitions to take part in is the ‘Queen’s/King’s Prize’, the bread and butter Championship of Long Range Target Rifle Shooting. The winning Target Rifle Shooter is traditionally celebrated by chairing them in.


  • Shoot with the bare eye - no scopes are used.

  • Rifle entirely supported by the shooter - using a firm coat and sling connected to the rifle while shooting prone position.

  • Shot over 300 to 1000 yards/meters - covering one or multiple distances during a competition shoot that can be organised over multiple days.

  • Specific calibres used - shooting with .308 Win or .223 Rem calibres only as per guideline of the (inter)national rules of the game.

  • Participation - can be enjoyed recreational and competitive at club, state, national and international level shooting side by side with the F Class disciplines.

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