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SPORter Hunter

Sporter/Hunter is designed to allow shooters with standard shop bought sporting type rifles to shoot on the National Rifle Association rifle ranges. The prime purpose for its introduction is to encourage participation, rather than competition. This doesn’t mean that there is no competition at all. There are still local competitions to be enjoyed.

This young discipline is growing from the eagerness of numerous shooters who own high quality hunting rifles that are accurate and ready to go at long range. Add a good quality scope and shooters are able to engage in long distance target shooting.


The regulations on what type of equipment can be used are pretty flexible, although your choice will have impact on the distances that you will be able to reach. Be aware that there are also range regulations like calibre - at Canberra's Hector McIntosh Rifle Range Complex we can allow up to 8mm rifle.


  • Choose your own sights - shooting takes place in prone position and any sights can be used, including magnifying or telescopic.

  • Rifle supported by shooter or equipment - magazines are allowed, a hunting bipod can be used at the front, and a sand bag at the rear.

  • Shot over 300 to 600 yards/metres - with the option to go further, though the equipment may not reach further distances.

  • Max. 26inch barrel length -  with range regulations or event rules determining the specific allowed calibre.

  • Participation -  this sport allows the average hunter or sporting shooter to participate in the club environment and join organised events.

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