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Long Range RIMFire

Long Range Rimfire involves shooting at 100m and 200m using standard 22 LR ammo and rifles. You have the option of shooting in FCLASS and Target Rifle disciplines, but with only 22 LR Rifles.

This new discipline(s) is exciting and fun - and as you can imagine shooting 22LR at 200m takes some wind reading! Its great for you skills development.

Canberra Rifle Club has just purchased electronic targets for this discipline. Give it a go - its a lot of fun!


  • You can shoot - FOPEN off a pedestal rest and with a scope.

  • You can shoot - F/TR Class using a Bipod and rear bag.

  • Or you can shoot Target Rifle class using your 22LR Smallbore Target Rifle.

  • Shot at 100 & 200m

  • Specific calibres used - only 22LR rifles are allowed with standard velocity ammunition.

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