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Whether you’re young or just young at heart, shooting could be the sport for you. Unique to this sport is the fact that you will find brothers and sisters, parents, aunties and uncles, and even grandparents, shooting side by side. A sport for all generations.

Many people shoot purely for recreation, however, if you’ve got a competitive streak there are great options to challenge your skills through State, National and International competitions. You will make friends for life.


Give it a Go - What have you got to you lose?

Target Rifle


Target rifle (TR) is shot at the longer ranges from a distance of 300 yards/metres up to 1000 yards/900 metres. It is shot with the bare eye - scopes are not used. Shooters wear a jacket with a sling connected to the rifle, for support while in the prone position. 

Sporter Hunter

Sporter/Hunter is designed to allow shooters with standard shop bought sporting type rifles to shoot on our rifle ranges. 

Field and Rimfire

Field & Rimfire is a type of shooting for short to mid-range distances using multiple shooting positions. Rimfire Class is typically shot from 25 up to 50 metre, while Field Class is up to 300 metres.

F Class


F-Class target shooting is performed at the longer ranges from 300 yards/metres up to 1000 yards/900 metres in the prone position, using scoped rifles. 

Long Range Rimfire

This is just like Target Rifle or F Class but shot with 22 Rimfire rifles at 100m and 200m every second Saturday morning. This is a relatively new discipline to Canberra Rifle Club but is rapidly growing.


1000 yard Benchrest, also known as precision shooting, is shot from a bench. Canberra shoots 1000yds Benchrest and is looking to expand into 600yds as well as rimfire Benchrest at 50m and 100m.



Steve is a multiple Queens Prize winner who has been shooting for well over 30 years.  Steve is pictured here with some of his 'loot' from shooting at Bisley in the UK.

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